OBD Tuning GmbH has been in business for 20 years this year!

OBD Tuning GmbH has been in business for 20 years this year! We are proud to have been in the tuning market for 20 years, and we want to give our customers the opportunity to celebrate this with us.

We have made some fantastic offers for our customers:

Flasher PKW/LKW Subscription
BDM all Processor Subscription
Debugger for all Processors Subscription
all Password Read functions and checksum calculation
and we can offer the hardware for these prices until 31.08.2016.

System price
OptiCan Dual II (Master) 2.000 €

OptiCan Dual II (Slave) 1.000 €
OptiCan Dual Pocket (Master) 1.500 €
OptiCan Dual Pocket (Slave) 800 €

In addition, we also offer these discounts:

Buying 5 or more units of the OptiCan Dual II (Slave) and an OptiCan Dual II (Master) for only 1.000 € per unit..

Or when you buy 5 units of OptiCan Dual Pocket (Slave) you will also get an OptiCan Dual Pocket (Master) for only 1.000 €.

As a special gift for our customers, we will for every 20 OptiCan unit sold, pick out randomly a customer that will get their tool for free.
The name of the lucky customer will be announced on our Facebook site and our web page.

For customers with old systems, do we offer this:
Subscription for a year with all the needed plug ins, like Flasher/BD/Debugger for only Euro 1000.

We also have an additional offer: „Old for New“ – we give you Euro 500 when replacing a tool (any system) with our OptiCan system, where the buying price is Euro 2000 or more.

When replacing an older OBD Tuning system (lik an OptiCan of any kind), we give you Euro 1000 in discount.

For both these options, does it not matter if the tool works or not, or if it has a running licence.

Leasing options is only for German customers.
All prices are without VAT.
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